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Data Recovery in Irvine, Orange County, CA


Hard Drive Data Recovery Specialist

We specializes in recovering data from all types of data storage device/media. We have access to leading-edge data recovery technology, which allows us to recover data in the fastest and most efficient way.

If you have just suffered a loss of access to your hard drive, then the first thing to remember is not to panic!
In most cases (in fact over 97% of them), using correct procedures, data can be recovered from inaccessible or defective storage device. A desperate action to remedy a data loss issue can often compound the problem, with a serious possibility of causing irreversible data loss.

All recovery jobs are treated on an urgent basis and recovery in most cases takes less than 24 hours to complete. Of course, recoveries requiring that special components be ordered may take a little longer.

  • Free Evaluations
  • Class 100 clean room
  • 100% secure and confidential


Supported Recovery Media

  • Laptop Hard Drive Recovery
  • Desktop Hard Drive Recovery
  • Apple Macintosh (Mac) Hard Drive Recovery
  • Flash Drives & Memory Cards Recovery
  • CD, Diskettes and Zip Drive Reovery
  • IDE, PATA, SATA, mSATA, SSD, Flash SSD Data Recovery
  • iPods, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Android Mobile Phone, Music Storage Data Recovery
  • RAID Systems
  • NAS Recovery
  • Tablet Recovery



3 Easy steps to start your Data Recovery process

1. Drop off your computer or media device at our drop off location in Irvine weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

2. You will receive a free evaluation within 2 business days.

3. After your approval we will start the data recovery process.

We can retrieve your data within 24 hours under typical circumstances and most common failures. We know that Time is money and our 24/7 Service can get you recovered as fast as possible.


What is Data Recovery?

In simple terms, data recovery is the process by which files can be restored from any storage medium that has been rendered inaccessible using conventional methods.

The first thing you should do if you suspect a loss of data is to stop using your hard drive or other storage device. Continuing to use a compromised storage medium increases the chance of accidentally overwriting your data, causing it to be lost forever. Instead, shut down your computer, remove the storage medium if you can and take it to a data recovery specialist.



Signs of Potential Data Loss on your Computer

  • A grinding or clicking noise.
  • If your computer begins to make unusual noises, this can be a sign of hard drive damage. Pay attention to any new noises coming from your device and contact a data recovery specialist if you suspect something's not right.

  • Missing files.
  • Computers that suddenly seem to mysteriously delete random files are very likely suffering hard drive damage.

  • Blue Screen.
  • The "Blue Screen of Death," is a sign that something is seriously wrong with your laptop's hard drive. Shutting your computer down and restarting it can temporarily resolve this problem in some cases, but if this happens you should consult a data recovery specialist as soon as possible.

  • Frequent hang-ups or trouble booting your computer.
  • If your laptop freezes often or you have consistent difficulty getting your computer to boot, this is usually a sign that your computer's hard drive may need to be replaced.



Call PC Expert Services to recover your Lost Data today!