Apple leaks new Logic Pro X Live Loops feature
Apple leaks new Logic Pro X Live Loops feature

This screenshot shows an as-yet unreleased version of Logic Pro X.
Photo: Apple

Sometime before this past weekend, Apple posted a screenshot of what is presumably an upcoming new version of Logic Pro X, its pro music-creation app, onto its education page. It shows a brand new feature, previously only seen in the iOS version of GarageBand: Live Loops. Live Loops is a way to trigger music clips live, on-the-fly, so you can create music like a DJ.

And the Logic version looks great. And more importantly, it finally adds Apple’s take on the Session View from Logic’s biggest rival, Ableton Live.

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The leak

The screenshot seen here was noticed on Apple’s Education site over the weekend by Reddit user logic-thrw-1892. It has since been replaced by Apple.


Logic Pro X Live Loops

Like GarageBand’s Live Loops, the Logic Pro X version presents a grid of audio clips. You can drop in drum loops, music loops, and one-shot clips (a vocal sample, for example). Then, you trigger these clips by clicking on them (or tapping them, in GarageBand for iPad). All clips are launched so they play in time with the song, and you can record the performance, which adds those clips to a familiar timeline version of the song.