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How To Fix PS5 Unrecognized Disk Error

How To Fix PS5 Unrecognized Disk Error

How To Fix SONY PS5 Won’t Read Discs Or Unrecognized Disc

If your own a SONY PlayStation PS5 Gaming Console is not taking in a game disc or giving out unrecognized disc error, this troubleshooting guide should help.

There can be a myriad of things that can result to your PS5 not reading a disc. For some, the main cause can be bad hardware while others may experience it because of a game disc issue or a software-related glitch. To know which one may be the reason for your own problem, you’ll need to do a number of troubleshooting steps.

What can cause PS5 not to read the disk?

1. Before you start blaming your console or checking for software issues, the first thing that you need to consider is the game disc itself. Many people who encounter disc unreadable error on their PS4 or PS5 fail to check the condition of the disc, or to at least clean them properly.

2. For some people, the cause of their problem may just be a random bug that develops in the system. Thankfully, random bugs that affect the disc reading capability of the PS5 can go away as quickly as they come. You simply have to reboot the system and the problem usually resolves itself.

3. If the game you’re trying to play is already installed but won’t play because the console has suddenly stopped reading the disc, another possible reason for that may be corrupted game files. This situation can happen randomly, usually after a bad system update has been installed, or when you interrupt a system update. At other times, corrupted game files may also be due to problems with the storage device, either the internal SSD or the external hard drive you’re using.

4. For many though, a common reason for this problem is simply a disc reader having gone bad. Hardware malfunction occurs from time to time and sadly, there’s a higher chance of the disc reader to stop working properly compared to other components.


How To Fix PS5 Won’t Read Discs Or Unrecognized Disc
How To Fix PS5 Won’t Read Discs Or Unrecognized Disc
How to fix PS5 won’t read discs or Disc Unreadable problem

Fix #1 Clean the game disc carefully

What a lot of people don’t realize is that game discs also need attention from time to time. This means cleaning its surface properly and taking care not to give them scratches or cracks.
The ideal way to clean a game disc is by using a clean, soft cloth such as microfiber cloth and wiping the surface properly. You need to wipe the disc in straight lines starting from the middle part going outward.

When holding a disc, try to hold it at the edges to avoid fingerprints on the surface.

Also, it’s important NOT to use any liquid when cleaning a disc.

Fix #2 Get the error code

Sometimes, the PS5 won’t read game discs at all and will return an error code or message. Make sure to take note of any error or message as that can likely help you in your troubleshooting.

If the error is hard to remember, try writing it down. Then, use Google to search for a solution.

At times, the error may be specific to one game only so your troubleshooting may need to be redirected to fix your problem.

Fix #3 Reboot your console

Sometimes, it may take doing a simple thing to fix seemingly serious problems. One of these simple solutions that you can try is a system reboot. To do that, simply turn your PS5 off normally, then unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds.

Afterwards, turn it back on and check if it reads your game disc.

Fix #4 Run the PS5 on Safe Mode and restart

If the regular reboot won’t help, your next move is to restart your PS5 to Safe Mode. This is a special software environment that allows the console to run on bare functionalities. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Shut down the PS5 normally by pressing the Power button.

2. After the system is fully shut down, press and hold the Power button for a few moments. Release the Power button after you hear the second beep — one beep will sound when you first press, and another seven seconds later.

3. Connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

4. Once the PS5 has entered Safe Mode, there will be seven options for you. Choose Restart PS5.

Fix #5 Reset PS5

For serious cases due to corrupted data or software, you may need to return the software aspect of the console to its factory state. Resetting your PS5 will not guarantee that your console will start reading discs again afterwards but at this point, there’s nothing much that you can do.

To reset your PS5, just start the console again to safe mode as shown above and then pick the number 6 option from the list — Reset PS5.

If none of the solutions above has helped you so far, it means that the cause of the problem is likely something deeper within the system, probably a bad optical drive. In this situation, you’re going to need the assistance from PC Expert Services