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What is a Search Algorithm?

What is a Search Algorithm?

What is a Search Algorithm?

A search algorithm is a process or set of rules used by search engines to determine the significance of a web page. Algorithms are used to filter, digest and evaluate web pages to ensure search results match a user’s search query.

As the internet has exponentially grown in size, Google has had to become a data filtering machine. To deliver results that match a user’s search query, Google uses a series of complex rules and procedures (i.e algorithms) to find, filter and digest web pages from across the internet for its own “index”. It is this “index” of web pages that Google uses when displaying relevant search results.

Remember, Google is not the internet and instead should be seen as a “gateway”, helping users to find up-to-date and accurate information time and time again. As the “go-to” search engine, Google dominates the industry, processing in excess of 3.5 billion worldwide searches every day! With so much user demand and potential power to make or break websites and businesses, it is clear that investing the time to co-operate and impress Google’s algorithms is a win-win situation for you or your client’s websites.


If you are interested in keeping up to date with Google’s latest algorithm updates here are a few resources to bookmark:


Is WordPress Secure?

Is WordPress Secure?

Is WordPress Secure?

Security Researcher Said WordPress Is a ‘Security Disaster’. Often vulnerability reports about WordPress core or plugin vulnerabilities are associated with hyperbole about the platform itself. WordPress is like any other application in that it occasionally has vulnerabilities.

But the question of whether or not WordPress is secure is complicated. 

Did you know that hackers attack WordPress sites both big and small, with over 90,987 attacks happening per minute? 

The issue isn’t necessarily that WordPress is a weak content management system, prone to hacking attempts and security breaches. It’s more likely a problem of visibility. WordPress is the most popular CMS around the world, so of course, it’s going to be an easy target for hackers.

Given the knowledge, we have now, it’s safe to assume that WordPress is not completely secure. Although it offers a safe environment but needs managing. The risk of a breach cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced to a minimum. It’s well-documented that keeping WordPress, along with the themes and plugins updated are the stepping stones to keeping your WordPress website secure.

WordPress 5.0 Update Notice

WordPress 5.0 Update Notice

WordPress v5.0 Update Notice

In the next major release (v 5.0), WordPress will be updating their visual editor tools under the core name Gutenberg. This update is a significant change to how the current WordPress works and may affect your current WordPress installation. WordPress is making this change to maintain its relevance in the content management system marketplace and keep with current trends. Most notably, the new Gutenberg release works very well with mobile devices making using the visual editor using your mobile device much more user friendly.

The WordPress 5.0 release date has changed. It is now scheduled for release on November 27, 2018.