Often the first specifications you see when looking at a computer is the processor. That’s because the CPU is like the brain of your PC and can help you determine all of the other components needed to complete your build. Processors are available from two major brands, and while each functions similarly, they are not interchangeable. Motherboards will only work with specific processors, and compatibility is determined by the type of socket on the board. A benefit of AMD processors is that they usually come with a CPU cooler that ensures part compatibility and saves on initial build costs. Water cooling and AIO options are still viable for AMD CPUs, but the included cooler is more than sufficient for most tasks. AMD processors have great CPUs for gaming – when building a gaming desktop, also save budget for components such as graphics cards or high end SSDs. Remember that the best CPU for gaming may not be the most powerful. This is because the graphics card handles the majority of a computer’s gaming workload. Gaming CPUs work together with other components to create the best experience possible, and you do not need a top of the line CPU to get premium gaming performance.

When building a gaming desktop or any type of computer, the best place to start is with the CPU. Finding a processor you like and a motherboard that supports it can be time consuming and costly. Luckily, CPU Motherboard Combos are available that are a great way to alleviate the stress of component shopping. When you purchase an AMD CPU and motherboard combo, you ensure the compatibility of the two parts and save money that can be applied to other areas of your build.