ZALMAN CNPS-80G Ultra Quiet CPU AIir Cooler Fan Value Edition (2023)



Low Profile CPU Cooler (Intel/AMD)
UPC: 823884206531
Dimensions: 123.7(L)×102(W)×61.4(H)mm
Weight: 180g
Heat Dissipation Area: 2,268㎠
TDP: 65W
Materials: Pure Aluminum
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Current: 0.1A
Fan Speed: 1,000~2,000±10%RPM

Max. Noise Level: 25.3 dB(A)±10%
Bearing Type: Long Life Bearing
Max. Airflow: 27.18 CFM
Max. Air Pressure: 1.51mm H₂O
Life Span: 50,000 hours
Power Consumption: 1.2W
Sockets: Intel: LGA1700/1200/115X/775/CPUs
Fan Connector Type: 4-Pin PWM



ZALMAN CNPS-80G Ultra Quiet CPU AIir Cooler Fan Value Edition (2023)

Model CNPS80G
Dimensions 123.7(L) x 102(W) x 61.4(H)mm
Materials Pure Aluminum
Weight 180g
Heat Dissipation Area 2,268㎠
Heat Pipe
Fan Dimensions 85mm
Fan Bearing Type Long Life Bearing
Fan Speed 1,000~2,000 RPM ±10%


MAX Fan Noise Level 25.3 dB(A) ± 10%
MAX Fan Air Flow 27,18 CFM
MAX Fan Air Pressure 1.15mm H₂O
Fan Life Span 50,000 hours
Fan Connector Type 4-pin
Fan Control Method PWM Control
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Rated Current 0.1A
Power Consumption 1.2W
Socket Compatibility Intel: LGA1700/1200/115X, AMD: AM5/AM4/AM3


  • Silent Efficiency: Say goodbye to noisy distractions and welcome the serene tranquility of the CNPS 80G Rev 3. Equipped with advanced fan technology and optimized airflow design, this CPU cooler operates at an ultra-quiet noise level without compromising on cooling efficiency. It ensures a peaceful computing experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to cater to the needs of both Intel and AMD users, the CNPS 80G Rev 3 guarantees hassle-free installation on a wide range of modern processors. Supports Intel LGA1700/1200/115X, and AMD AM5 / AM4
  • Flower Heatsink Fin Design: Unleash the full potential of your CPU with Zalman’s innovative flower heatsink fin design. By utilizing this unique arrangement of cooling fins, the CNPS 80G Rev 3 maximizes surface area and enhances heat dissipation, effectively lowering temperatures and maintaining optimal performance even under heavy workloads.
  • Compact and Space-Saving: Tired of bulky CPU coolers taking up precious space in your PC build? The CNPS 80G Rev 3 understands your concerns. Its compact size ensures a perfect fit even in limited-space setups, making it an ideal choice for mini-ITX and micro-ATX configurations.
  • Performance and Reliability: Rest assured that Zalman’s expertise in cooling technology has been poured into the CNPS 80G Rev 3. Built with high-quality materials and rigorously tested, this CPU cooler is engineered to deliver consistent performance and reliability, keeping your CPU safe and sound for extended periods.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 12 in