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Revive Your PC with an SSD Hard Drive

Revive Your PC with an SSD Hard Drive

Revive Your PC with an SSD Hard Drive

Upgrade Your PC with a fast SSD Hard Drive


Get Your PC to next level with an SSD Hard Drive

What is an SSD?

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a new generation of storage device used in computers. SSDs replace traditional mechanical hard disks by using flash-based memory, which is significantly faster. Older hard-disk storage technologies run slower, which often makes your computer run slower than it should. SSDs speed up computers significantly due to their low read-access times and fast throughputs.

Why use a solid-state drive?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to opt for an SSD in place of a standard HDD.

Laptops can take a beating while they travel with you — having a storage device that isn’t disrupted by bumps is a huge boon. HDDs with their moving parts can be damaged if they’re spinning when the drop or impact happens. SSDs are far less likely to be affected by impacts.

Mobility is a huge part of laptops; SSDs are both smaller and lighter than HDDs. This saves space to include other hardware in the laptop and reduces weight and thickness. SSDs also require less power, so your laptop battery should last longer.

Most people who’ve been using Windows for years know how long boot times can be when using an HDD. Differences in speed loading apps on your PC might be minimal — you probably won’t notice if Office apps load in two seconds rather than four — but using an SSD to boot Windows 10 will significantly cut time spent twiddling your thumbs.

How much does an SSD cost?

The Solid State Drives come in different sizes, interfaces and brand. The price for an SSD can range from $60 to $700 based on your computer specifications and your needed capacity.

Here are the most popular interfaces in the market:
SATA III, PCIe, M.2 and NVMe

PC Expert Services SSD Upgrade Pakage

If you are ready to take your PC to next level, PC Expert Services offers a Package for your PC SSD upgrade.

PC Expert Services will provide:

  1. New SSD Hard Drive
  2. Installing the new SSD Hard Drive
  3. Cloning* your old HDD to the new SSD

Call PC Expert Services for a FREE Consultation Today!

Top Reasons to have your repair done by PC Expert Services in Irvine

  • We use grade A+ parts
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Local Repair done by Certified Tech
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on all repairs

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SSD Upgrade Benefits:

  • Faster Response Time
  • Better Battery Performance
  • No Mechanical Parts
  • Less Affected by Impacts
  • Requires Less Power
  • Faster Boot Time
  • Faster Read and Write Times
  • Safe from Magnetism
  • No vibration

Mac Mini Memory RAM Upgrade

Mac Mini Memory RAM Upgrade

Apple Mac Mini Memory Upgrade

With more RAM you’ll get faster boot and application load times for easier multitasking and everyday computer use. 

Adding RAM is often the most cost-effective upgrade you can make to speed up a sluggish computer. When a system runs short of RAM, it must swap the overflow data to the hard drive, which can significantly slow performance. 

The base Mac mini comes with two 4GB memory modules for a total of 8GB of RAM. PC Expert Services can upgrade your 2018 Mac mini RAM to 16GB, 32GB or 64GB for $200 less what Apple charges for Mac mini memory RAM upgrade. 

iMac Intel 27″ Retina 5K Display Hard Drive Replacement

iMac Intel 27″ Retina 5K Display Hard Drive Replacement

iMac Intel 27″ Retina 5K Display Hard Drive Replacement

Replacing or upgrading the iMac Intel 27″ Retina 5K Display Hard Drive can be challenging and time consuming. At PC Expert Services we have the knowledge, the quality parts and the time to replace your hard drive with a new one or just upgrade your hard drive to SSD drive for a faster and better performance of your iMac.

PC Expert Services is Apple Mac Certified Technician and provides 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Contact PC Expert Services for more details and price today!

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