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Windows 10 Login Screen Flashing


     In most cases, after Windows 10 update, some users have reported that they are experiencing a problem with a flashing screen on their laptop screen. Fortunately, we are here to solve your problem, just drop off your laptop at PC Expert Services for a FREE Estimate and your screen won’t flash ever again.

PC Expert Services is a professional Laptop Repair specialist with tools and know-how on how to fix your laptop flashing issue correctly without any data loss as quickly as possible at a very affordable rate. 

We recommend to NOT to follow the online suggestions on how to fix it hence most of these instruction are designed to cause more issues without fixing your laptop flashing and force you to buy a driver or software which will at the end not remedy your laptop problem and also might cause data loss and make the problem harder to fix later by a professional.

There are many different symptoms of the Windows 10 screen flashing and not all remedies are the same. Each symptom might need its own unique remedy and the issue need to be diagnosed correctly before applying the fix so that the screen flashing won’t return for good.

You might see the addition following Windows 10 flashing on your laptop:

  • Windows 10 screen flashing on and off – Your screen may not flash constantly, but only in certain time intervals. 
  • Windows 10 flickering start menu – There’s a chance your screen will flash only when you open the Start Menu.
  • Windows 10 taskbar flickering – Once again, there’s a chance only one part of the screen will flash, in this case, the taskbar.
  • Windows 10 flashing screen on boot – Screen flashes on boot are also common in Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 logon screen will not load and keeps flashing – The screen flashing is constant at log on screen.
  • Windows 10 flashing screen Dell – The screen flashing problem is also common on Dell devices.
  • Windows 10 flickering screen Lenovo – The screen flickering issue is more common on Lenovo devices.
  • Screen flashing Windows 7 – Although more users experienced this problem in Windows 10, it’s also common in Windows 7.